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If you have been trying to apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) on your own, you know how frustrating it can be. The Social Security Administration, which administers these very important programs, has a very complicated process for applying. What can appear to you to be a strong case for benefits can still wind up getting turned down.

At the Los Angeles law firm of Jerry Persky, we have been helping people get approved for SSDI and SSI benefits since 1981. As your Social Security Disability law firm, we will help you receive the maximum benefits possible and put you in a stronger financial position.

Attorney Jerry J. Persky is dedicated to helping people in trouble. Prior to going into private practice, he worked at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, helping people apply for SSDI and other government benefits. He continues to represent people in need of disability benefits at our firm today.

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Responsive And Straightforward

When you hire Jerry as your SSDI lawyer, you can count on honest, open advice and communication about your case. We know that law firms can seem intimidating, so we create a welcoming, approachable atmosphere, so you can feel comfortable discussing your medical issues. Once we have taken your case, we will handle every aspect of your application or appeal.

Our legal assistant, Annabella Zetina, and office manager Laura Gomez provide the support you need to make the strongest possible case.

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